In meeting Richard Montgomery, you'd think he's you’re average Destin snowbird.

Think again.

Originally from Fort Edward, New York, Montgomery — "Monty," as he prefers to be called — participates in more than BINGO and pickle ball after flying south for the winter.

Monty is an author, who has currently released his fourth book, “The Lottery.”

"My goal is to write one book per year — that's not much; it's a small goal," said Monty. "It's attainable."

According to Monty, “The Lottery” is the third book in a "non-sequential series." “The Last Witness” and “The Search for Snake” were the precursors to “The Lottery.”

In the book, John Kilday, who has amassed a fortune in real estate, is told that he's the lucky winner of a large lottery — but, like everything, there is a catch.

Currently a Virginia Beach resident, Monty and his wife Cheryl have been visiting Destin for 33 years.

After attending the University of Miami on a track scholarship, Monty enlisted in the Navy. Serving two decades in the Navy, he retired as a commander and naval aviator in 1988.

Drawing on his time in the Navy, Monty uses his extensive knowledge of covert operations in writing his novels.

"Within every lie, there's a little bit of truth," said Monty. "Fictional truth — that's my writing style."

Monty told The Log that most of his life people have asked him how he remembers details so vividly, as he rarely keeps notes.

"I don't want to say I have a photographic memory. . . Ok, I have a photographic memory," said Monty. "But, as I get older, I can't remember where I put the pictures!"

Mentioning Destin in his books is important to Monty too, as it's his home away from home. He told The Log that he even has the pictures for the dust covers of his books taken at various places around Destin.

"I took the picture — well my daughter took the picture, for the back of The Search for Snake next to the Marler Bridge," he told The Log.

Monty said that family is important to him, more important than anything else, and that they are responsible for his successes in life. His daughter is not only his unofficial photographer, but she's also the first to edit his books when he's done.

"We usually only get into like four or five major fights per book — sometimes we stop speaking to each other," joked Monty of the stress of the sometimes tense father-daughter and writer-editor relationship he and his daughter have.

The first piece of writing Monty had published was for Indian Bayou Golf Course in Destin. A 23-page illustrated, humorous, informative booklet he wrote with Mike "Gaz" Gazaway.

The Lottery is available at and will be available on Kindle in about a month.