Thereís plenty of chatter on Destin from all the spring breakers in town. Hereís some of the latest tweets about town.

Emily Collier: Panama City, Destin, and Disney World made for the best week of my life. I just want spring break to repeat forever.

Decota Henry: Next Spring Break ill pay for someone to go with us if youíll be the DD every night.. 30$ a taxi ride sucks #Destin #SB13

Alexis Everett: It's always painful leaving destin in the rear view. Spring break was definitely a success #9989

Kaylee Geiser: I thoroughly enjoy when entire frat houses decide to spring break in Destin while I'm here.

Melissa Brown: Destin on Spring Break is like a high school reunion. But with beer and frat clothes.

HillCountryClothing: If you get lost on the beach in Destin this spring break, just find our flag. There's probably a party underneath it

Rachel Pritchard: Spring Break + Rain storm = HELLACIOUS TRAFFIC! Welcome back to Destin, Rach!

Louisville Problems: That Awkward Moment when everyone from the city migrates to Panama City Beach or Destin for Spring Break.

Kaylee Tate: My history teacher just told me to have a great spring break and to not get drunk in PC but get drunk in Destin because itís safer.

Cami: You know it's spring break in Destin when someone gets their head smashed in a car door #cheers