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Trowbridge Egleston "Trowby" Sebree, Jr.

Trowbridge Egleston Sebree, Jr., "Trowby" was called home to our Lord, Sept. 17, 2012. He is the son of the late Trowbridge and Adrienne Sebree, formerly of Holiday Isle in Destin.

He is survived by a son, Robert Trowbridge Sebree, of Fort Worth, Texas; sister, Georgia Leigh "Gigi" Sebree Hall and her husband Mark Cypher of Monahans, Texas; and niece, Elisabeth Egleston Hall of Odessa, Texas.

Trowby was a beloved Destin charter captain and angler. He traveled the world and was recognized as one of the finest bill fishing skippers in the area. He won several area fishing tournaments and held IGFA and state bill fish records throughout his lifetime. He fished from the time he was a small, tan, “tow-headed” blonde right up until the final months of his life.

As an original Destinite, he had many friends and admirers. Many of these friendships began with shark fishing adventures and bonfires on the beaches of Holiday Isle.Trowby was also known as a jokester and prankster. His nicknames among closest friends were "Hobob," "Trowbob" and especially "The Hoser."

His impish sense of humor did nothing to detract from his kindness and his good heart. He never hesitated to help out a friend and he was a fixture at any memorial or funeral service for the family or friends of a loved one. He backed up his kindness by always offering real help and work when it was needed. Many of his friends can testify that their boat hull was painted, their decks were fiber glassed or their tackle was ready because of Captain Trowby. He wrapped beautiful custom rods, but only for his closest friends, and usually as a gift. He loved his native Destin. He was always the first in line to get the Seafood Festival or Destin Rodeo posters and shirts. He was an ambassador for the area wherever he went.

A memorial celebration of a life lived fully, and gathering of friends and loved ones, will be held from 4-6 p.m. Sept. 20 at Harbor Docks. If you knew Trowby and would like to share a story, a fishing adventure or a fond recollection, we encourage you to attend.