Sit and stay gave way to running and walking this weekend in Destin.

A field of 289 athletes, more than 160 with dogs in tow, participated in Saturday's 13th annual Run with the Dogs 5K Run/Walk put on by the city of Destin's Recreation Department.

"It's a great event and one of my favorites," said race coordinator Nick Coleman. "And it all went well.

This year's event boasted 166 run/walkers with their dogs, 86 people who ran the race and 22 who walked.

The event has three starts with runners going first, then runners with dogs, followed by walkers with and without dogs.

The first three to cross the finish line in the 5K were Jon Baum of Niceville with a time of 18:33; Eric Bernard of Dothan, 18:54; and Kristy Childers of Ohio, 21:01.

The first three runners to finish with a dog were Justin Manganaro with his dog Lily, 20:06; Lauren Kramis, Jumper, 21:02; and Robert Murray, Sadie, 21:19.

The first three walkers in with dogs were Michelle King, Renni, 41:38; Nancy Bown, Sydney, 44:13; and Patti Rowe, Chicquita, 44:36.

The top three walkers were Paul Sims, 39:06; Aimee Shaffer, 45:41; and Gord Tovell, 48:29.

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