I'm commenting after spending nine winters here for five months-plus. I've eaten out lots this winter and I think the restaurants need to pull up their socks.

My main complaint is: I wouldn't serve it like that at home, so why would it be placed in front of me to eat? All the prices were very high, and I always walked away dissatisfied and wondering who else felt the same.

Is it because you can't find kitchen help or is it that you don't pay your staff?

The salads came wet with leaves that were black and this was "everywhere" I asked for a salad. If I asked for fish tacos, they were rolled in a wrap. If there was avocado on the menu, it rarely made it to the table and no one said anything.

I also experienced cold food, which should have been hot, and some menu items that were just plain not fresh or overcooked not to mention a sandwich tomato sliced so wide I needed a knife/fork to eat it and the bacon was large and tough.

I've been to many restaurants and swore I wouldn't go back for the reasons I mention above.

What is going on restaurants? If you want us to be satisfied, feed us so we smile and want to return.

Lynda McLean Simmons