This year marks a special one for Destin Real Estate Company. Not only is the brokerage ushering in its 15th year in the business, but it is also celebrating a new and exciting partnership between owner Blake Morar and new co-owner Chris Abbott.

Morar and Abbott say they took great care and diligence in exploring the possibility of partnering with one another as well as how to leverage the many opportunities of that venture.

“As the discussion evolved, what took shape really was the ideal situation,” sayid Morar. “Over the years, we’ve worked hard to stay small, but the time is right to consider growing and creating new opportunities for the company. “These more recent years have been particularly positive for the 30A and Destin areas, and I felt there was no better time to grow Destin Real Estate Company than right now.”

Abbott joined Destin Real Estate Company in April of 2010 and served with Morar as broker during much of 2012. Morar remarked that Chris is a true advocate of the company culture and sets an outstanding example through his leadership role.

“Chris is well respected in the community and not only brings to the table a broad understanding of the local real estate market, in which his roots run deep, but is a true student of the business,” said Morar. “He was able to propel himself to even greater success at Destin Real Estate Company by fully embracing its platform, systems and culture. His fresh ideas and eagerness to share them with his peers at the company are sure to help catapult it to new achievements. Expect exciting things to come.”