Niceville has a small but interesting farmerís market held in the parking lot of restaurant One 20A Modern Bistro on 120 Partin Drive.  On the first Saturday of every month, the faithful arrive.  Not a lot of fresh produce this time of year, but I enjoy going over now and then. 

On market day, One 20A will delight you with large, right-out-of-the-oven, yummy warm and crisp, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. They also have cat-head biscuits, bistro sauce, black bean soup and grass fed rib eye steaks for cooking on your grill. I bought one of the fresh French bread loaves and barely escaped the raspberry and white chocolate scones. 

Dan Pettis, owner and chef of One 20A was helping out behind the sales table. 

Candyman and wife, Roger and Nikki Coleman, were bundled up against the chilly weather but proudly showing off their 300 different flavors of popcorn. I try a small sample of lemonade popcorn and look over the orange cream, key lime and watermelon.

Chef Roger Babson of the Yellow Ribbon Bakery has sent in cinnamon rolls (big ones), candied orange loaf, focaccia bread piled high with grilled veggies and a pot of gumbo. The apple tarts were sliced apples nestled down into a thin crispy pastry nest that was ever so delicate and delicious. For several days I dreamed of the chocolate and rum truffle that I didnít buy, but wish I had. 

I know you are in Shalimar somewhere and I will find you.

Rick Pinch travels from Crestview to sell his Bibb lettuce by the bunch and bok choy, which he grows as a hobby in the back yard.  He had a lovely orchid that came from Hawaii that he had grown from a one-inch sprig.  I couldnít resist this lush, grown-up beauty and it now has a new home.

While talking with these vendors, I kept hearing mention of a farmerís market starting up in Destin.  After I got back to Destin, I did some investigating and this is what I found.

Lo and behold there is a tentative startup date for Destinís own Farmerís Market the first Saturday in April.  Yippee!  The hope is that it will flourish and be open every Saturday.

I spoke with Mr. Lockwood Wernet, assistant general manager of Destin Water Users, and he confirmed that Destin Water Users has offered the use of its land and parking facilities on Main Street to the market group on Saturdays.  Mr. Wernet said, ďWe think it will have a very positive and happy effect on the community.Ē

Tom Holt, of Seaside, approached the City Council with a plan of operation. The Community Redevelopment Agency liked the idea of placing this in the middle of Destinís town center.  Mr. Holt will be setting up the layout and will be the contact for reserving booth space.  He can be reached at 855-6384.

I think this is a long needed and much wanted market for our community. 

Definite announcements will be made when all have come to an official agreement.  I hope we turn out in great numbers to make this a success.

I have a vision of my basket overflowing with fresh flowers, corn, lettuce, jams and jellies. Someone please provide the sweet tasty tomatoes that refuse to grow in my garden!  Iím counting the days. 

Laura Hall is a longtime gardener and Destin resident. She explores area gardens and other local topics with her cavalier spaniel Annie. If you would like to show off your garden or be profiled in a future column, contact Laura at