The front page story on Destinís old magnolia tree on Destin harbor sparked plenty of discussion and memories on our Facebook page online. Here is some of the chatter.

Pam Bush Smith: My favorite tree in Destin.
Sharon Kay: What a wonderful tribute!!
Mariko Lamb: Lots of time spent cooling off beneath this tree! Love it!
Betty Cork Art: I remember when it seemed like the tallest thing in Destin!
Rochelle Penik: I hope they don't cut it down. That is just about the only thing left of my childhood...
Mike Eller: So many memories... where to start? It was the center of the docks in the old days. The one landmark that has stayed with us and our memories.
Gail Barkley: Too much concrete now !
Victoria Mcdermott Warren: It was "The Tree on the Hill."
Velva Marler: I climbed that tree more times than I can remember. I used to ride my bike up there as a child every day and watch for my dad to come through the pass. I have played in that tree my whole life. Please take the lights out of it. That's the only original piece of Destin left ó the tree that owns itself.
Pitkasta Aikaa: Anyone know a good tree doctor?
Sidney Little: I bet all the concrete is constricting the root system and that's why it's looking this way! Tree is stressed out!
Mia Chelle: It didnít start looking that way until they left the Christmas lights in it year round. That needs to be explored. I was really grieved to see its state. There may still be time to save it. Please donít wait through another winter. Thanks to all those already working on its behalf...
Kendra Jowers: What's ailing the tree is the fact that the entire HarborWalk was built around it... and it is now in an unhealthy/unnatural environment!
Leyda Mallory: The Magnolia tree has been a fixture in the Village for many years. When I visited Destin years ago, I was one of those who was fascinated by the tree. I can assure you that every effort is made to protect this beautiful tree that has been part of the history of the village for so many years. During the past years the changes in weather, temperatures and storms have contributed to the drastic changes of the area including the tree. I remember Hurricane Opal, and the magnolia tree took a beating and even lost a couple of branches. But it came back and with what is being done, it will come back again.
Teresa Abraham: Does anyone remember the story where Bart, who lived down at the docks, tied himself to that tree during Opal. After it was over he walked down to Harry T's, the only place in Destin with power. Walked in, they ask him if he wanted a drink, dazed he said, no, but I would like to use the bathroom... ďI think I done (expletive deleted) in my pants! TRUE STORY.