Known as the voice behind the heavy metal band Disturbed for the better part of 16 years, vocalist David Draiman says he can't wait to showcase his new band, Device, at Club LA April 16.

"It's really all on my shoulders, so there is a tremendous responsibility and a tremendous pressure," he said. "The magnifying glass is now on me, whether I like it or not. I won't lie to you, I'm nervous as hell."

Ahead of the show, Draiman spoke to The Log about his new band, what it's like having a new record and his passion for music. When Device hits the stage next week, it will only be the bandís second live concert.

Formed in 2012, Device is the vision of Draiman on vocals, former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo, Evanescence drummer Will Hunt and Dope guitarist Virus. At the core of it, Draiman said his new band has a much heavier infusion of "electronica" than fans of Disturbed would be accustomed to.

"There are many more ambient and etheral turns that are taken musically," he said. "I definitely go to different finalities and vocal approaches."

"It's different, but it's still my voice," Draiman said with a chuckle.

Device's debut album was released Tuesday and includes a roll call of some of rocks heavy hitters, such as M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, Lzzy Hale from Halestorm and Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Draiman and Hale team up for a cover of Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Fordís "Close My Eyes Forever."

Despite his new band, Draiman told The Log there are still pieces of Disturbed in Device, especially on the single "Vilify," which was pushed to radio first.

"It has that aggressive, rapid-fire sort of cadence that I'm very comfortable in delivering, and has been a signature of my style even before Disturbed," he said. "We wanted to ease people into it, and we wanted to give them something that's a little familiar, but with a bit of new freshness."

As for the April 16 show, Draiman said concertgoers can expect a show that blows them away, and leaves them wanting more.

"It's intensity, power, projection and deliverance," he said. "These shows are going to be very action-packed and powerful; these songs do that and this material does that."

"They are going to be taken on a musical journey and I'm going to pull them kicking and screaming," he added.

Having been in the music industry for two decades, Draiman said he still has the same passion and fire that burns inside of him that he had when he formed his first band while in high school.

He said there is absolutely no replacement for music and what "has to be the most intoxicating sensation in all of creation," adding that the song "Haze" is all about "my favorite addiction" ó playing live.

"There is nothing that I've tasted in this life ó and I've had the opportunity to taste many vices and many pleasures ó that compares to that feeling," Draiman told The Log. "I'm insatiable when it comes to that."

Tickets to the April 16 Device show at Club LA are available at for $22.50. Club LA is located at 34876 Emerald Coast Parkway, next to Hurricane Lanes, and can be reached at 850-654-5251. Opening acts for the Tuesday night show are Nonpoint and Gemini Syndrome.

With the show just days away, Draiman said he is looking forward to coming to Destin to show Disturbed fans and new fans what Device is all about.

"Who really has the chance to live this experience twice," he said. "To be a new band again, to grow again and to build something over again, and to have that buzz and excitement. To be the band that everybody's curious about, that's a delicious feeling and I'm relishing it."