Destin's Nancy Mann and Joan Forman spent Monday afternoon answering dozens of calls from friends and family checking on them to make sure they were OK.

Both Mann, 67 and Forman, 71, ran the Boston Marathon last year.

"We did the race last year, because Joan wanted to run it when she was 70," Mann said. "It's a thing of a lifetime to do."

But after hearing and seeing the news of the two explosions that resulted in three deaths and more than 140 injuries at the finish line Monday afternoon, "it's making our hearts heavy today," Mann said.

"These poor people, it's unbelievable," said Mann who lived in Boston during her childhood.

"It's crazy and nuts" what happened, Forman said. "We've had several calls from people saying we're glad you're OK."

"When you have runner friends they keep in touch with you," Mann added.

The two ladies were still waiting Monday afternoon to hear how some of their friends from Pensacola and Gulf Breeze, possible participants in the marathon, were doing.

"We could have been there," Forman said.

Last year when the two ran in the marathon, it was 85 to 90 degree weather. Mann remembers the misting tents and the joy at the finish line.

"At the end of the race it's such a pretty part of town. Everybody wants to see the winner and there are flags from all over the country.

"But all the cheering became silence today," Mann said. "It's so sad."

The two ladies have finished a half-marathon in all 50 states and are currently working on running a half-marathon in all the capitals.

In the next few months they have plans to run half-marathons in Maine, Montana, Washington, Wisconsin and Colorado to name a few.

"We plan on running until we can't anymore," Mann said.

Will the terror that reigned over the Boston Marathon Monday stop the two from running the event again?

"I'm planning on it when I'm 80," Forman said. "You've got to plan ahead."

"We would do Boston again ... but it's a sad world we live in where you have to fear," Mann said.