April 21 - 27


35 years ago 1978

A 28-foot cabin cruiser capsized and sank while attempting to enter East Pass. All passengers were rescued by nearby charter boats and the Destin Coast Guard.

The Destin Chamber of Commerce and the state Department of Transportation discussed ways to relieve congestion and traffic danger at the eastern approach to the Destin bridge.

The Destin Community Center wrote to the state DOT requesting the speed limit on U.S. 98 through Destin be reduced from 45 mph to 35 mph.

St. Andrews By-the-Sea Episcopal Church prepared for the 21st annual Blessing of the Fleet.


30 years ago 1983

An Alabama dentist and his wife walked away from their burning single-engine plane after it crashed on approach to Destin Airport. The plane snagged electric lines, which kept Destin without power for about five hours.

Waiting for the channel to be dredged, Destin charter boat captains held their breath when navigating East Pass.

Holiday Isle Improvement Association considered hiring a sheriff's deputy to patrol the isle during the summer.


25 years ago 1988

The landing gear on a twin-engine plane collapsed as it was preparing to take off from Destin Airport. Four Georgia passengers were shaken but unharmed.

A long-standing argument resurfaced over where the new Mid-Bay Bridge should connect with the Emerald Coast Parkway.


20 years ago 1993

Okaloosa commissioners received a petition signed by nearly 600 Destin residents who opposed expansion of the Destin Airport.

Reg Moore, architect designing a new city hall to specifications of Destin City Council members, told them they could not afford a building that would withstand 150-160 mph wind the emergency operations center plans they wanted.

Destin City Council begins considering a new sign ordinance that could change the face of Destin over the next decade.

After much discussion, Destin City Council members settled on a $6,240,000 bond as an approximate amount for bond underwriters and counsel to attempt to secure.

Construction on the new Medical Center on Airport Road was proceeding rapidly.


10 years ago 2003

Walton County Commissioners hopeful their solution to expand U.S. 98 to six lanes could resolve the litigation between Okaloosa and Walton Counties regarding potential traffic problems created by mega-developments such as Destin Commons and Grand Boulevard.

The body of a very large sea turtle, possibly an endangered leatherback, was found floating upside down outside the Destin Pass by the Coast Guard. Red plastic fencing material used for construction work was found around the dead animal's neck and lodged in its mouth.