Matt's Take:

There is only one place that I'm going to be Thursday night, and that's on my couch with a perfectly brewed beverage, a few dozen chicken wings and a pizza watching the NFL Draft.

I've been waiting for this night since the Baltimore Ravens hoisted the Lombardi Trophy a few months back. Outside of the league's opening day, draft night is as big as it gets.

It's all about pageantry and production, and heart-warming rags to riches stories of young men who have beaten the odds to achieve something most of us can never dream of — being drafted by a National Football League team.

Based on a 2009 ESPN story, more than 90 percent of former Division I college football players fail to ever play a down in the NFL. So, to be selected in any round is a tremendous accomplishment, especially to be selected No. 1 overall.

When the Kansas City Chiefs are "on the clock" Thursday night with the No. 1 pick, I can assure you that Leon Sandcastle will not hear his name called by the commissioner.

To win in today's NFL, you have to build from the inside out. If the league's worst team doesn't pick an offensive tackle, I would be shocked.

Some fancy Texas A&M's mammoth Luke Joeckel, but I see the Chiefs taking Central Michigan's Eric Fisher.

Looking up and down the draft board, it wouldn't surprise me to see offensive and defensive linemen selected with nine out of the first 15 picks, but you never know what's going to happen with trades. So it's too hard to predict.

I'd run it by Mel Kiper Jr., but I'm sure he is too busy to take my call this week.

Like I said, building from inside out is the key to building a winner. Just ask the Baltimore Ravens how important those big guys up front are.

Bring on Thursday night!


Andrew’s take:

Don’t let anyone tell you that the NFL is a quarterback’s league, because the hogs rule America’s game.

As recently as last season, the guys taking the snaps were the most important players. But, by the end of Conference Championship weekend, things had changed. The two teams with the best offensive lines went to the Super Bowl.

Two years ago, Aaron Rodgers willed the Green Bay Packers to a championship. Regardless of a lack of protection, he was able to single-handedly pick apart NFL defenses. He literally made the decision to win.

But, over the course of last season, defensive coordinators figured out how to stop the best quarterbacks, and we are still figuring out this new formula for success.

Make no mistake about it, the offensive tackles are the most important variables.

Somehow, though, not all of the front offices come around.

I wouldn’t even describe Joe Flacco as a “good” football player. He simply prevented turnovers for four games, while letting the real athletes do all the work, and he walked away from the season with a trip to Disney World. And then he received the most expensive contract in League history.

Obviously, Baltimore doesn’t get it. They just wasted a whole bunch of money that should have gone to resigning free agents on the offensive line. The guys in the trenches are the ones who brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Charm City.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the first pick in this year’s draft, and the correct choice couldn’t be more obvious.

Luke Joeckel basically won the Heisman Trophy for Johnny Manziel. He is clearly the best player in this draft, and the Chiefs need bookends more than anyone else.

This is as sure as things get.