Emerald Coast Theatre Company will kick off a new summer production, "Pirate Pete and the Case of the Missing Fisherman," at 6 p.m. May 18 at the HarborWalk Village amphitheater. The interactive children's show follows the adventures of Pirate Pete, Gayle the Galley Wench, and the first mate Phineas as they search the area for Fisherman Fred.

The voyage encourages singing, dancing, and overall silliness. Lucky audience members even have the opportunity to be a part of the crew. At the conclusion of the show, all children will have the opportunity to embark on a quest of his or her own through HarborWalk Village in search of pirate treasure. 

The show is the first production by Emerald Coast Theatre Company to take place on the HarborWalk Village amphitheater stage. The play was co-written by Nathanael and Anna Fisher, the producing artistic director and associate artistic director of the theatre company. Stephen DeVillers, Leeah Taunton, and Christian Williams comprise the cast of Pirate Pete, Galley Wench Gayle, and First Mate Phineas.