When it comes to reeling in fish, sometimes it just takes two.

Such was the case Monday aboard Capt. Steve Haeusler's First Light when Evan Roseman hooked up with a 50-plus pound amberjack.

"It took the two of us to get it in," said Evan's dad Terry. "It wasn't giving it just kept taking line."

Evan was on the rod when the amberjack took the hardtail for bait.

"He took it straight down," Evan said.

"It took out a lot of line and went down under the boat," Terry said, noting it took both of them to hold to the rod.

After about 10 or 15 minutes, the Rosemans of Signal Mountain, Tenn., won the tug-of-war and landed their jack.

Evan said the amberjack is the biggest fish he's ever caught. Before Monday, the largest he had landed was about a 40-pound wahoo he caught last May aboard the First Light.

The big amberjack wasn't the only jack on the board, the Rosemans along with others from Tennessee and Arkansas pulled in more amberjack, some big triggerfish, along with several white snapper and mingo.