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When it comes to fishing right now, anglers have two options — fish inshore or go around to get to deep water.
With the Air Force still running their test missions during the week from 7:30-11:30 a.m. in the Gulf of Mexico blocking off about 900 square miles, the captains either have to find fish within 3 miles of the beach or leave extremely early to get through the test area before they block it off or else give themselves plenty of time to go around to get to those honey holes.
Either way, the guys are making it work.
Capt. Dennis Kendricks on the Finest Kind stayed within the 3-mile mark and pulled in a great catch of grouper and Spanish mackerel on Thursday.
Capt. Jason Hallmark on the Vengeance and his group from Atlanta, Chicago and Jacksonville went around and fished about 20 miles out. They pulled in three almaco jack, four big amberjack, a blackfin tuna and a scamp. Capt. Hallmark says it’s been a little bit of inconvenient with the Air Force doing their missions. “We’re using more fuel than we should,” he said.
Nevertheless, the fish are biting well — and so are the sharks.
First Mate Rodney Johnson on the Vengeance said they lost about 20 amberjack due to sharks. “And they’re big ones because they’re eating 30-pound amberjack,” Johnson said.
Capt. Eric Thrasher and his crew on the Daybreak made it through the test area Thursday morning before it was shut down. His group brought in amberjack, almaco jack, three grouper, four scamp and three big mingo.
Capt. Ken Bolden on the Just B Cause said they went about 20 miles out and the fishing was great. His Georgia anglers reeled in amberjack, almaco jack, mingo, white snapper and grouper.
Atlanta anglers on the Motherlode with Capt. B.J. Teems hauled in a couple of amberjack and four grouper.
Capt. Jason Hallmark on the Backlash had a big day on the Gulf. His crew landed a limit of amberjack and grouper and they also had a blackfin tuna.
Fishing is good, so don’t let a little Air Force bombing stop you from dropping a line.
See you on the docks.