Five players scored touchdowns for Signchick Signs in their 34-13 win over TBS Comics in the Adult Flag Football League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Chris Carr, Derek Martin and Mike Walker all scored touchdowns in the first half for Signchick. Johnathon Winters and Darrel Rogers each scored TDs in the second half.

Signchick led 21-6 at the half.

James Miller picked up two one-point conversions for Signchick and Winters added a two-point play.

Hayden Myer and Chris Larabee each scored a touchdown for TBS and Danny Bradford scored on a one-point play.

• Signchick Signs 50, Can’t Score Won't Score 0

Signchick dominated taking a 29-0 lead in the first half.

Derik Martin led with a two touchdowns and an extra-point conversion. Jonathon Middleton and Chris Carr each scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion. Johnathan Winters, James Miller and Darrel Rogers each scored seven points.

• RAD F.C. 19, Sandestin Outlawz 12

RAD was on top 13-0 at the half.

Blair Brown and Andrew Armstrong each scored a touchdown for RAD in the first half, and Jason Bazylak picked up a one-point conversion. In the second half, Brown picked up one more TD.

Jason Ellis and Cory Neal each scored a touchdown for Sandestin.

• Nightown 25, Monstars 21

After trailing 21-7 at the half, Nightown rallied in the second half to pull off the victory.

Jeremy Cheatham, Jared Shipley and John Woodard each scored touchdowns for Nightown to secure the second half win. Will Rasnic scored a touchdown in the first half and Woodard a point after.

Scoring TD for Monstars in the first half were A.J. Dallman, Danny Zapulla and Brandon Burke. Jordan Smith scored a two-point conversion and Zapulla a one-pointer.

• Nightown 20, The Other Guys 0

Nightown led 13-0 at the half.

John Woodard, Will Rasnick and Cody Dawson each scored touchdowns for Nightown. Michael Methrin scored two one-point conversions.

• TBS Comics 21, Destiny Worship Center 7

The game was deadlocked at the half, 7-7.

TBS Comics put 14 points on the board in the second half. Ben Tran and Danny Bradford scored touchdowns for TBS in the second half, while Hayden Myer and Rich Moller each added one-point conversions. Myer scored a touchdown in the first half for TBS.

Steven Vaggalis scored the lone touchdown and Ryan Traber added the point after for Destiny Worship Center.

• Destiny Worship Center 27, Hampton Imports 0

Jordan Tardo was top scorer for Destiny Worship Center with a touchdown in each half. Jeremy Kanaday and Jonny Reynolds each scored a touchdown, while Phillip Pandable scored a two-pointer and a one-point conversion.

• Monstars 41, Funky Blues Shack 7

Monstars led 27-7 at the half.

A.J. Dallman scored eight points for Monstars, while Jeremy Koester scored seven. Chris Gonzalez, Danny Zappulla and Jeremy Burke each scored a touchdown, and Jordan Smith two one-point conversions.

Tim Carroll scored the touchdown for Funky Blues Shack, while Clint Hill picked up a one-point conversion.