Destin Elementary School saw the end of an era Thursday morning as the last fifth-grade class walked across the stage during graduation.

Closing the door on their elementary school lives while simultaneously opening the window on their middle school journey; the remaining fifth-grade classes proudly accepted their certificate of completion in front of their family, friends, school staff and various guests including Dr. Diane Kelley, their soon-to-be principal at Destin Middle School.

As many of the graduating class are true Destin-ites, having studied at Destin Elementary School, home of the Dolphins, all or most of their scholastic careers, the ceremony was both emotional and exciting for the students.

Student council vice president Abbie Stanford and K-Kids vice president Lauren Adams lead the processional, starting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Like many of the students, the duo seemed to have mixed feelings about moving on to Destin Middle School and becoming a Marlin.

"It's going to be fun," said Stanford. "But I am kind of nervous too."

Baye Bowman is looking forward to the transition. "I'm excited to be going to middle school," she said. "I'm not too scared."

This year’s graduation theme was more than fitting, according to Shelley Weeks, the assistant principal at DES.

"This year’s theme is picture your future," Weeks said. "The principal, Marti Gardner (the principal at DES) and I both had the same theme idea."

Unfortunately, Principal Gardner had a prior family commitment which kept her from attending the ceremony.

"I know she hates that she can't be here," said Weeks.

Emily Nguyen told The Log that one of her best memories of fifth-grade at Destin Elementary was designing the yearbook.

"I designed the cover of this year's yearbook," said Nguyen.

Throughout the school year, the students have grown accustomed to being the big dolphins in a small gulf, but next year they'll once again be the small marlins in a big gulf.

With less than 70 fifth-grade students remaining at DES, they made their way across the stage, over the small bridge where they were greeted and welcomed to middle school by Dr. Kelley.

The three remaining fifth-grade teachers at DES; Cindy Huggins, Jessica Landry and Vicki Mathews, called their students up one-by-one to say goodbye and good luck.

The consensus of all three teachers was the same — while they were happy to see their students grow and move on, they were going to miss their students.

"This has been one of the best classes I've ever had," said Huggins. "I am really going to miss every single one of my students."

During the commencement ceremony, students were praised not only for their academic and athletic achievement at DES but their personal contributions to the school and the Destin community. The students were presented various awards including the Leadership award, an award for perfect attendance and the Top Miler award for most laps completed during physical education.

The Spirit of America award was presented to students who, "exhibit the qualities our country was founded on; honesty, patriotism, hard work, persistence and positive attitude" Jim Murphy of the American Legion Post 296 in Destin presented the award to Cole Harrison Farrah (Huggins class) and Jessica Scott (Mathews class).

The ceremony was rounded out by the presentation of the fifth-grade class gift; a picture of the sand Mandela created earlier in the year by the students.

As the ceremony came to an end, Kelley ended with a poignant and fitting quote.

"Begin with the end in mind," Kelley said. "Always look forward; picture your future."



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