When 12-year-old Brogan Wilson boarded the charter boat Backdown 2 Wednesday morning he had a couple of things working in his favor, and he probably didn't even know it.

He was the youngest angler aboard the charter boat plus it was his first Gulf fishing trip. Both have been known, on more than one occasion, to land the largest fish of the day.

On Wednesday, the odds were in young Wilson's favor. He reeled in about a 60-pound wahoo with Capt. Gary Jarvis.

"It was fun and hard," said the youngster from Iowa.

The huge wahoo was Wilson's first fish of the day.

"I didn't realize it at first," Wilson said. But then he saw the rod bent over.

"I yelled fish on and ran over to it," he said. As the crew helped him put on the gut buster belt, the fight began.

"It ran, and then it calmed down," Wilson said.

Fighting the fish on a 50-wide, the wahoo took out about 200 feet of line.

It took the youngster about six or seven minutes to get the fish to the boat.

"Those six minutes seemed like the longest ever," Wilson said.

Capt. Jarvis said young Wilson handled the rod and reel like a trooper on the wahoo and he also caught a few red snapper.

However, prior to Wednesday, the biggest fish Wilson had ever caught was about a 5-pound carp on a river in Iowa.

After posing for a few photos with his catch, Wilson said, "I'm excited to eat it."