It proved to be a soggy few days in Destin as a total of 5.57 inches of rain fell at City Hall between Sunday and Monday, according to information from Weather Station Destin.

"We had a few issues," said Tim Pietenpol, deputy public services director for the city. "We had an individual's garage flood on Indian Bayou Drive, which is a reoccurring problem, then we found a couple of sinkholes."

All told, the heaviest rains fell between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. when 4.79-inches of rainfall was recorded. Top that with a wind gust measured in at 35 MPH, and it was a day to stay inside.

To see more data from Weather Station Destin, CLICK HERE.

Based on the amount of rainfall over the past few days, the city has already exceeded the annual average rainfall for the month of June, which is 5.34 inches. For 2013, there has been a total of 26.47 inches of rainfall, which is 2.06-inches above average for 161 days into the year, according to information from Weather Station Destin.

Pietenpol told The Log that his crews found a sink hole by the golf course, one on Calhoun Avenue and another, which "surprised" Pietenpol, near Coleman Kelly Lake.

Crews were making the necessary repairs around the city, and Pietenpol said all in all the city is in good shape when it comes to managing rain flow.

"It was a lot of rain in one day," he said. "But we are good to go for hurricane season."