Neither rain, nor chop on the water stopped anglers Monday from taking to the Gulf of Mexico in search of red snapper.

And before lunchtime, more than a dozen boats had already backed in at the docks with their share of red snapper. Anglers aboard charter boats have through June 28 to pull in a red snapper. The limit is two per person, per trip.

"We caught all the government would allow," said Capt. Chuck Turbanic of the Fifth Amendment, as his deckhand hung up the days catch. His Ohio anglers pulled in a limit of red snapper and a few bonito.

With clouds looming overhead, Capt. Turbanic said it was sort of rough Monday. "We had 3- to 5-foot swells. It was aggravating more than anything."

Capt. Mike Parker of the Silver King and his family from Kentucky came in with a good catch of red snapper right before the first deluge of rain. For Tyra Short it was her first time to fish, and she didn't shy away for handling the slimy thing. As a matter of fact she wanted to hold one for a photo.

"It felt worse than a snake," Tyra told her sister, of the scaly red snapper.

Atlanta anglers aboard the Game On with Capt. Eric Thrasher came in with a limit or red snapper, a few bonito and white snapper. Capt. Thrasher said they caught all the snapper on their first stop of the day.

Arkansas anglers on the Silver Lining with Capt. Ed Shields hauled in a limit of red snapper and one black snapper. "It was pretty choppy," said Capt. Shields. Some of the anglers had a rough go of it on the water as one father and daughter even shared a bucket, if you catch my drift.

Capt. Brandon Wright on Destin Bay Charters came in from a five-hour trip with a limit of red snapper and a couple of black snapper.

Capt. Ben O'Connor on the Locked Up II brought in a load of red snapper. "We caught and released a small cobia and I finally found some triggerfish," he said. But of course the triggerfish had to go back. Triggerfish are closed from June 10 to July 31.

Texas anglers on the Sure Lure with Capt. Don Dineen reeled in a limit of red snapper, king mackerel and a few bonito.

Capt. Stan Phillips and his group of Texas anglers on the Sea Winder came in with a limit of red snapper along with a few mingo and bonito.

Capt. Nick Hunter on the Extasea backed in right before the second douse of rain, with a limit of red snapper and a little shark.

Illinois anglers on the Finest Kind stood in the rain for a photo with their catch. They hauled in a rack full of red snapper and a little shark while fishing with Capt. Dennis Kendricks.

Alabama anglers on the Vengeance with Capt. Jason Hallmark reeled in a rack full of red snapper, lane snapper and a few bonito. They didn't let a little drizzle of rain stop them either from posing for a photo.

Louisiana anglers on the First Light with Steve Haeusler had their share of red snapper on the racks. Deuce Hardy was proud of his red snapper and posed for a few candid shots.

Capt. Steve Lathi on the Lucky Lina and his group came in with limit of red snapper, a few bonito and a rock salmon.

Nashville and Dallas anglers on the Miss Hazel with Capt. Bill Williams filled the racks with a limit of red snapper, a Jack Crevalle, one king and one Spanish mackerel.

Capt. Daniel Pike and his Nashville anglers on the Inshore Angler pulled in some mighty big trout and redfish before the rains came. Capt. Pike said they caught them on live bait.

The rain was off and on Monday, but it didn't seem to slow anybody down.

This reporter even got caught in the rain, but the ladies in the booking booth at HarborWalk Marina were kind enough to give me a trash bag to help keep me and the camera dry. I even had a couple of anglers tell me that I wore it well. Still not sure if that was a compliment or not but you do what you have to when it comes to fishing.

See you at the docks.