Matt's Take:

Sure, I live and breathe sports just like any other guy or gal out there, but I long for the regular season to end so I can sit back, buckle up and enjoy the postseason action.

It's the thrill of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy or Lord Stanley's Cup, or cutting down the nets after winning an NCAA championship. It's the heartache of a buzzer beater that sinks your title hopes or the unprecedented come from behind series win.

I can't think of many things as a sports fan that gives you a higher high than watching your team win the Super Bowl or the National Championship. But along with the highs, come the lowest lows, as your team loses the National Championship in consecutive years.

When it comes to the postseason, it's hard to argue against March Madness as the No. 1 attraction in all of sports. What's not to love?

There's something magical about teams like Butler, George Mason and VCU making runs that should be reserved for the NCAA's elite. It's hard to beat the pageantry and spectacle.

But with that said, my favorite postseason is in the NFL.

There's something about the NFL and its might that makes me tremble in my shoes. There's something about the "win or go home" pressure that makes me giddy.

I love the NBA and MLB, but I don't want to "suffer" through a potential seven-game series. I want immediate satisfaction, and the NFL provides that.

There is a reason the NFL is king in America. The league just does everything better than its competition.

And trust me, I'm a Browns fan, so it's not like my team makes the playoffs very often. So, if I still think the NFL is tops,  that must say something.

Long live the NFL Playoffs!


Andrewís take:

Enjoying the playoffs? Of course you are.

In the midst of two post-seasons (basketball and hockey), Double Take is choosing the best amongst the big four American sports. This is a tough one.

The most entertaining part of any sport is the post-season. And now I have to choose my favorite. Thereís no way that Iím going to feel completely comfortable about my choice by the end of this article, but let's sort it out.

Hockey is the first to be eliminated, and saying so pains me. It is, by far, my favorite sport to play, and the Stanley Cup the second coolest trophy in the world, behind Americaís Cup. Yeah, when you win a championship in the NHL, you get to drink beer out of the trophy.

But weíre in the midst of a bastard season. The latest lockout in professional sports barely gave us a hockey season, and I just canít get into playoffs that only gave butchered chances. The NHL is going to have to do some work to get back to the top of my list.

Next out is football. And, basically, this is because the gridiron has the best regular season.

Week 1 is equal to Week 17, as far as intrigue goes. The playoffs, to me, are just an extension of the regular season. And I love the Green Bay Packers enough that I just canít get into a weekend of football that doesnít include the green and gold. The last two conference championship weekends didnít include my team. I mean I watched, but I didnít really care.

Itís really hard for me to say that my favorite playoffs donít come during October. Autumn is already my favorite season, and when you combine Americaís Pastime with Oktoberfest beer and sweatshirt weather, Iím a happy camper. But still, the baseball post-season isnít full proof. Thereís just certain teams that I donít care to watch, World Series or not.

That leaves basketball. I can honestly say that, once the NBA Finals roll around, I am going to watch, regardless of match-up.

Iíll admit, some regular season basketball games can be the perfect dose of sleep-aid, but everyone steps up in the playoffs. Itís like a different game.

And, what a coincidence! The Finals are happening now. Maybe you should watch.