Who's that knocking at the door? An angry ex

A woman is in hot water after she kicked in her former boyfriend’s door and attacked him, according to an arrest report

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office says that on June 23 the woman showed up at her ex’s Legion Drive residence and got into an argument with him. 

She allegedly kicked open the door and struck him in the face.

A witness said she hit him multiple times. The deputy who responded noted the man had reddish cuts on his face and bruises on his back.

The two had lived together for 10 months.

The woman was breathing heavily and taken to a hospital by Emergency Medical Services. She had several scratches on her arms that were later determined to be self-inflicted.

She was charged with misdemeanor battery. Her court date is July 16.


Report: Man stabbed couch near woman's head

Lawmen say a man stabbed the couch next to his girlfriend’s head after the two got into an argument.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy went to a SunDestin Resort unit on June 24 to investigate a report of an assault. There, he was told by the victim that she and her boyfriend, 45-year-old Diego Joseph Bernal of San Antonio, Texas, were sharing a condo and that he’d become angry with her, thinking she tried to lock him out of the unit.

She said he went into the kitchen and got a large knife out of the drawer, approached her as she lay on the couch and said, “You think you’re so (expletive deleted) smart, youdummy” and stabbed the couch twice next to her head. She ran from the room in her pajamas.

When the deputy tried to summon Bernal from the unit, he wouldn’t come out or unlock the door. The deputy got inside, but Bernal wouldn’t come out of the bedroom and tried to go into the bathroom. The deputy couldn’t subdue him to handcuff him, and it took three law enforcement officers to get him into restraints.

Deputies did find stab marks on the couch.

Bernal was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, and obstruction without violence.

His court date is Aug. 13.


Lawmen say man got cash refunds on pilfered receipts

Store employees and the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office say a man went into a discount store, “fraudulently obtained” two receipts and got refunds on them.

The incident occurred June 23 at the Target store off U.S. Highway 98. A loss prevention employee saw the 33-year-old man walk into the store and “fraudulently obtain” two receipts. Later, he approached the front of the store and asked for refunds on property he’d gotten while he was at the store. He received the cash and prepared to leave.

As he approached the exit, loss prevention employees intercepted him and asked that he return to the store. He pushed through them, knocking them down. The report didn’t elaborate on how he was detained.

He was charged with resisting the recovery of property and fraud. His court date is July 16.