Seeing as she was in Sandestin semi-recently, our Facebook page asked readers what they thought of former Food Network star Paula Deen’s predicament? Here’s some of what was said.

Chuck Stacey: Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend say he described Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker.” That's fine. But if a white person ever uses any derogatory language against a minority it's the end of the world.

Stacey Scholl Troy: This happened long ago; it's ridiculous. If people are so offended by this word then there should be an outcry to stop everyone (black and whites) from using it. Like she said, I'm sure we have all said something that wasn't appropriate and if you say you haven't, you’re lying.

Mimi Ramirez: She deserves whatever torment she is giving herself over this. The deposition is horrific. It describes five years of really, really bad behavior. It was more than over the top; it was unbridled meanness! I suggest anyone who defends her actions, read the full transcript. It is available online for all to see. Huge sponsors like Wal-Mart, Target and The Food Network don't just drop people over hearsay.

Beverly Thorne Johnson: They blindly defend her without looking at the facts because defending bigotry on the guise of "culture" is what Southerns have done for 200 years. It's in our genes. I don't care how many restaurants she has or how many times she visits Sandestin, a bigot is a bigot.

Lyndsay Nicole: It's pointless to keep discussing. She said it in 1987! This same word is BLASTED in rap songs on a daily basis. Why is no one suing radio stations and Chris Brown?

Ann Morrell: Jealousy. Everyone has said something that they shouldn't. She didn't lie when asked about it.

Keith Belcourt: Getting smeared by hypocrites in the media who love to play the race card and destroy people’s lives.

Leslie Woodham: Sits in fear wondering if she will be held responsible for her behavior in 1987. When you now better you do better....or most people do

Mark Walker: She should have kept her pie hole shut if she truly valued her success.

Sara Ivy: Born and raised in the South and my mom washed my mouth out with soap for far less an infraction. I would never dream of using that word.

Mary Yates: So sad that our beautiful country has become so cynical, hateful and unforgiving!

Billy Garrett: Don't cry for Paula. She's got her millions and they're not going anywhere. Her Food Network career is over. Poke her with a fork.

Chris Kicey: The Deep South needs an awakening. Lived there most of my life (military brat). I've seen first hand that prejudice and bigotry are still part of the mind set. Most often these individuals aren't even aware of the fact that they are racists.

Byron E. Chism: Overkill for someone overrated and overexposed.

Bonnie McMurtrey Pleggenkuhle: Leave her alone... Everyone makes mistakes...

Leonard Remillard Jr.: I don't think anything of it. It is all publicity, it is all over-hyped tripe, and it is all knee jerk reactions by people too afraid to admit that it happened 20 years ago. It just shows the measure of shallow, self obsessed, idiocy we Americans have sunk to. When are we going to think with that thing between our ears instead of following the rest of the flock of sheep?

Dahlia Diselrod: I think it's her own doing. Racism is ugly.

Keith A. Robertson: Luv you Paula