With the Fourth of July holiday right around the corner, and the summer season in full swing, Destin is always a popular destination. Here is a bit of the Destin-related chatter on Twitter.

Lauren Harrington: ‏ Soo ready! T-minus 15 hours until I'm on my way to the beach! #Beachin #Destin

Kelly McDonald: Okay Destin you win. My strapless bathing suit doesn't hold up against your waves today

Emily Wilt: Fun week ahead :) #destin #beach

Luke Hester: Is going to Destin for just one day to fish worth the drive there and back?

Alex Bradley: Summer time at its finest. #destin #beach

Ryan Huynh: Since I'm not going to Destin on the 4th like everyone else I at least want to pop fireworks

Sammi Vonderschmidt: So many hot guys in Destin my goodness

Emily Payne: Literally THE only hot guys in Destin are with their girlfriend or their wife and kids #thestruggle

Jacob Boepple: Everyone and their dog is in Destin

Tripp: sitting in traffic in Destin. Oh my God. Im about to just swim the rest of the way.

Camille Arceneaux: Love how Lafayette evacuates to Destin for the week of the fourth

Trent Tarbutton: "If you're not going to Destin for the Fourth, you're lame" No, I'm not lame, I'm just not going make a fool of myself.

Bailey Blanchard: If you can drive around in Destin traffic and not die your awesome; give yourself a freaking cookie.

Jay: Might as well pull over and have a drink #Destin #Traffic.

CJ O'Grady: The waves in Destin Florida today made me look like a 1st grader!

Kylie Hrabak: Can I please just live here? #Destin #vacation