City Engineer David Campbell says a portion of Kelly Street, between Benning Drive and Calhoun Avenue, is in need of a little TLC.

"We are going to look and see if we can make some improvements," he told The Log Thursday. "It just hasn't had any work done on it lately and it needs it."

As part of the proposed improvement process, the city will hold a meeting July 9 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. Residents are encouraged to attend and share their input as the city works with Tetra Tech to design a conceptual plan for the roadway.

The city's Public Works and Public Safety Committee will also be on hand to help answer questions.

Campbell said the city has quite a few options to choose from as they look to repair the portion of Kelly Street. They include, a complete resurfacing of the existing roadway; the addition of bike lanes on either side of the road; addition of stormwater facilities; construction of sidewalks; roadway alignment adjustments; installation of traffic calming features along the roadway and at intersections; and the addition of street lighting and pedestrian amenities to improve aesthetics.

Over the years, Campbell said the pavement along the roadway has deteriorated and there are some issues with the base material in some spots. One area of concern is the five-point intersection near Stahlman Avenue, where Campbell said there are some "safety concerns" with sight distances.

Looking at the options available, Campbell said some of them, such as road resurfacing, can be quite costly.

"They are very expensive and inconvenient," he said.

Once the city collects input from residents, it will be reviewed and city staff will draft recommendations and present them to the city council. As for a timeline on repairs, Campbell said it would depend on the type of improvements that were chosen.