During a recent city council meeting, Nancy Weidenhamer, also known as Destin Dog, was dressed in her dog costume and told city leaders the Friends of the Destin Dog Park desired to move forward with a plan to secure lighting at the park.

Shortly after the park opened in 2012, she said visitors have constantly asked about adding lights to the park, since people prefer the "coolness" of the evening when visiting. The lights would allow people to visit the park when it gets darker earlier.

The parks and recreation committee has already approved the idea of a lighting plan for the park, she said. The light fixtures would mirror what's already in place along Commons Drive.

“They would have soft illumination, not bright at all,” she said. They are currently waiting for quotes on the costs to come back.

Right now, the park is open from sunrise to sunset.

City leaders unanimously approved the idea for lighting at the park, and the group will come back with a conceptual plan and ideas for funding at a future meeting.

The Friends of the Destin Dog Park is also planning to hold a run/walk event Nov. 16 to raise funds specifically for the park.