While there are plenty of capital improvement needs in the city of Destin, the amount of money available to fund those projects isn't as easy to come by especially when it comes to transportation.

"It really has the highest cost involved," said Lindey Chabot, the city's grants and projects manager.

During Monday night's City Council workshop, city leaders thumbed through pages of proposed capital improvement projects throughout the city.

Just for the city's transportation needs, about $23 million in funding would be needed, but there is only about $2 million in gas tax revenue coming in to fund projects. The city still has the opportunity to secure grants, plus it will receive transportation impact fees, which accounted for $103,847 in FY 2012.

Looking at the numbers, one of the most costly areas of need over the next five years is for repairs and maintenance to existing infrastructure, where the city would need $14,256,996 in funding. Over the five-year period only about $2,165,000 is available.

Almost $2 million is needed to pay for road resurfacing, based on 161 roads or sections of roadway in Destin. In the FY2013 budget, there is only $93,598 budgeted. Roads to be resurfaced include Zerbe Street, Indian Trail (Mesa Road to 4037 Indian Trail), Kelly Street (Benning Drive to Calhoun Avenue), Industrial Park Road, and Indian Bayou Trail (three-way stop to U.S. Hwy 98) just to name a few of the top priorities.

For Councilman Tuffy Dixon, repairs along Kelly Street should be the top priority.

"In my opinion, that's the worst road in Destin," he said of the street that runs along Destin Elementary School.

Sidewalk maintenance is also another area of concern, City Manager Maryann Ustick told the council. Currently there is 2,415-linear feet of sidewalk throughout the city that has been designated a liability or tripping hazard as of October 2012. The city would need almost $128,000 to make those repairs. There is only $30,000 in the upcoming budget allocated.

Other hefty areas of funding needs come from the physical environment category ($9 million for Norriego Point Stabilization and $1.56 million for stormwater projects), land acquisition ($2 million), internal infrastructure and technology ($359,000), and parks and recreation ($500,000).

Since Monday's meeting was a workshop, no decisions were made. City leaders will once again take up the CIP at a future meeting. The city's budget workshop will be held Aug. 26 and the final visioning session will be held Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Destin Library.