Whether it's a Padron, a Davidoff or an Alec Bradley, Edward Fairchild said his new concept, Sir Churchill's Cigar Bar & Lounge, will be the place in Destin to cut your cap and take a puff.

"We are looking to create a haven for those of us cigar smokers who want a place where we can sit, congregate and smoke cigars," said Fairchild, the company's CEO. "We want to make this a lot of fun and something the community can get into."

Sir Churchill's Cigar Bar & Lounge is currently under construction and will be located in the Destin Yacht Club at 320 Harbor Boulevard.

The lounge is expected to open mid-August, and will feature both public and private smoking lounges, two bars serving 12 premium craft beers, a wind cellar with 1,800 bottles, a private tasting room, and an outdoor smoking area on the docks overlooking Destin harbor.

And you don't have to worry about the smoke, as Sir Churchill's will use a $60,000 air filtration system that cycles out the air in the lounge every four minutes.

"The air in the lounge will be cleaner than the air in the parking lot," Fairchild said, laughing.

For those who are familiar with The Grand Havana Room in New York City and Beverly Hills, Fairchild says that's the level of quality and service one can expect from Sir Churchill's.

"We are on that scale," he said. "We're a high-end lounge and bar, with a 1,200-square foot walk-in humidor housing over 50,000 premium cigars."

Fairchild said he secured the harbor front location, which was once home to Harry T's and Zampieri's, in January but he has been working on the Sir Churchill's concept since 2008.

With droves of tourists embarking on Destin's beaches each year, Fairchild said there is a large number of visitors who are avid cigar smokers, so Sir Churchill's will give them a place where they can relax, have a glass of wine or a drink from the bar and enjoy a top-notch cigar.

"We feel like this is going to be a homerun," he said. "There's nothing like us for 200 miles in each direction."

Sir Churchill's will also hold monthly special events, such as wine and cigar tastings. A small kitchen will serve tapas and appetizers.

Pre-sales have already begun for Sir Churchill's private members-only lounge. Members are entitled to their own individual cigar lockers, as well as other perks.

As construction continues, Fairchild said Sir Churchill's will have a price point for everyone. He also said the lounge is not a boy's club, so ladies are welcome and it's open to the public.

"We are looking forward to being a part of the community and giving back to Destin," Fairchild said. "We're a different type of business; we're hospitality oriented."