Grant Wright scored two touchdowns to lead in a 33-7 victory over Nightown in the championship game of the Division I Flag Football League at Morgan Sports Center.

Wright hit pay dirt in the first and second half for

In the first half, led 20-0. In addition to Wright's TD, Trumaine Polk and Mitchell Landis each scored a touchdown, while Shane Dorlag and Nukis Floyd added one-point conversions.

After the break, Wright scored again for as did Dorlag. Landis added the one-point conversion.

John Woodard scored the lone touchdown for Nightown in the second half, and Jeremy Cheatham picked up the point-after.



Monstars came on strong in the second half to beat Destiny Worship Center 38-20 for the title of Division II champs.

At the half, Monstars led 19-12.

A.J. Dallman, Danny Zappola and Jeremy Kuester each scored a touchdown for Monstars, with Dallman also scoring a one-point conversion.

Steven Vaggalis and Ryan Trabert each scored TD for Destiny.

In the second half, Monstars held on to the lead with a touchdown from Dallman and Kuester. Jeremy Burke picked up a one-point conversion.

Vaggalis, Trabert and Phil Poundstone each scored a touchdown for Destiny.



Travis Riggs scored two touchdowns to secure a 12-7 win over Sandestin Outlaws for the title in the Division III league.

Riggs scored a touchdown in each half.

Jason Ellis scored a TD for Sandestin in the first half, while Addison Davis picked up the point-after.