Matt’s Take:

While it wasn’t LeBron James’ “Decision,” Dwight Howard’s free agency was nauseating.

For some reason I couldn’t help but be consumed by where the free agent center was going to take his talents. I’m not a Howard fan or a fan of any of the teams he was dangling from his massive fingers.

Was Howard going to re-sign with the Lakers, or would he suit up for the Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, or Golden State Warriors? The possibilities were endless.

We all know the Rockets won the sweepstakes, but if Howard were smart, he would have stayed in the City of Angels.

The Lakers are one of the premier franchises in the NBA. How could one walk away from Tinsletown? Just think of the greats — Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlin, James Worthy — that came before Howard. He could easily have put his name in the rafters with greatness.

If the prestige of the Lakers wasn’t enough, the $30 million that he left on the table should have helped sway his decision.

Maybe it’s not all about money for Howard. More than likely, the big man left L.A. because he didn’t want to play in the shadow of Kobe Bryant, who promised to show Howard “how to be a champion.”

Teaming up with the talented James Harden, Howard now has to prove that he can be a team player and not “the man.” Harden was a dynamic scorer last season and he’ll have to make it mesh with Howard as well.

With Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James on the free agent market in the summer of 2014, Howard and Kobe could have formed an all-star roster in LA.

Dynasty, anyone?

Oh, the possibilities.


Andrew’s take:

I’m ready for Dwight Howard to go away. And I’m not talking about Houston. We need to send this guy to a desert island, or Mars.

How much longer must he disappoint basketball fans before we treat him like a regular player?

For some reason, all of the “experts” still talk about this guy like, “Okay, who is going to win the Dwight Sweepstakes and automatically bring home a title?”

Sure, Howard led the Orlando Magic to one conference championship, but only after five years of pampering. Now, he’s not willing to invest that kind of time.

I understand that Dwight LOOKS like the most dominant player in the National Basketball Association. I mean, he’s built like Optimus Prime. But there’s no such thing as a guarantee in the NBA.

The Houston Rockets are nowhere close to a sure thing, and I’m talking about the post season, not a championship.

I agree that, of the teams with the financial capacity, Houston provides the most favorable odds. But that still doesn’t offer conditions for raising banners. The current Miami Heat roster is one of the most stacked teams of all time, and they couldn’t even win it all in one year.

Last season, the Rockets were OK. They played small and fast, which was enough to make it to the playoffs.

Dwight Howard does not fit into this system. He is the embodiment of “big and slow.”

Have you been taking notes? I want you to remember this next year.

The Houston Rockets are going to achieve less under the “leadership” of Dwight Howard. He’s too self-serving to command “all-in” performances from an entire team.

Even with LeBron James’ contract expiring in 2014, which SHOULD garner every bit of NBA attention, you still need to acclimate to the annual discussion of “Dwight’s Destination.”