During last week’s near monsoon, The Log asked its Facebook fans “Do any of the locals out there have any advice to the many tourists in our fair city on how to spend a wet Fourth of July? The response was overwhelming.

Kelly Calvert Roe: In their cars driving home?

Keith Ousterhout: Rent DVDs, hit your favorite ice cream spot, swimming in the pool while it is raining, check out the Bass Pro Shops, eat out, cook in, read a good novel, go to the movies...

Destin Local Approved: Shopping and dining at our many great locally owned and operated businesses.

Toni Lavis Tenters: Remember a rainy day at the beach is still better than a sunny day anywhere else.

Scotty Lisenbe: As long as there is no lightning … it is just water. Hit the beach. The gulf is great. Just watch for the rip currents...

Tena Devereux: Here at the Palms they’re in the pool. LOL. Die-hard folks, their laughing as if today was beautiful.

Ruth Duval Wallace: Shopping at Destin Commons, Silver Sands Outlet Mall, visit the Gulfarium, the Destin History and Fishing Museum, go bowling, see a movie, watch TV where you are staying and enjoy the fact that you are in fabulous DESTIN!

Tricia Roberts: AJs, Harry T's, Fat Daddy's Arcade, Boathouse, bowling, movie, shopping. Acceptance is key. Just make the best of it!

Andi Stempki: I'll give you a one word hint: Popov

Ashleigh Budden: Good luck getting a parking spot at Commons or Outlet malls. Hell, good luck getting in the parking lot.

Tena Devereux: Go watch the surfers and sit under the gazebo or restaurant overlooking the beach.

Mike Lewis Jml: Go to dinner and a movie.

Ashley Kilpatrick: Go home (:

Alan Meyers: The Village of Baytowne Wharf

Janet Hinton: Can you say MALL?

Sheri Fountain: Go home! Oh did I just say that?

Greg Windsor: Whatever they do: just please stay off the back roads!

Steve Vainio: Sshhh Greg. There are no back roads.

Jon Clark: Indoor fireworks.

Sara Maurchie: Go home so us locals who have to get somewhere like work don't have to sit in two hours of traffic to go five minutes down the road.

John Butler: Figure out where you’re going before you get on the road.

Mistie Taylor-Zuromski: As much as we all get annoyed with tourists, let’s try to remember that those same tourists bring a lot of money to our local economy as well as our locally-owned businesses.

Gayle Klutts: Same things you would do at home. Stay in, go to a movie, bowling, you can only shop so much with kids. Just not a good place to be when it rains! Stay off the roads with all these flooded streets.

Brittney Henneberger: Do spend money

Jessica Long: Inside, not on the roads

Michelle Webb King-Realtor: Most locals (at least me and everyone I know) are so grateful for the influx of tourists. Tourists compliment us by vacationing where we call home and inject our economy with the money this area needs to survive. I feel bad that the weather hasn't cooperated so I say go out and do whatever you want on this rainy day. Let our town be your playground. We get to enjoy it every other day of the year.

Debby Tomlinson: Just stay out of the Gulf !

Marleigh Andersen: You’re a fool if ya wanna go bowling or the movies. Keep in mind the 100,000 or so here are thinking the same thing.

Lisa Colannino Bennett: I would be so excited to be back in Destin and would go eat at Dewey's or AJ’s and go to the Gulfarium.   

Scott Laroche: The Red Door Saloon in Destin is always the place to be.

Natalie Scanlan: For tourists and locals, please be very careful in this weather, on the roads and adhere to the beach flag system. We thank you for visiting our beautiful home we call the Emerald Coast. If you go out, please check driving conditions and if it’s safe, please stop in and support local, small businesses which is what keeps the majority of us afloat here (yes, pun intended :) Most importantly today, say a big thank you to all service men & women who protect us and our civil liberties!

Rhonda Deen Glenn: It rains every 4th of July!

Sandy Sowards Hinderer: In my experience they all go to the Outlet Mall and melt plastic. Nice work Destin. The only thing you have to offer is the one thing you've exploited and it was a gift. You've added nothing but concrete.

Angie Hilderbrand: Get beverages and stay inside and have a good time! That's what we're doing!

Jim Goodman: Those of you who hate that we tourists come to your town could always move to a non-touristy location in the nation!

Lynn Fulmer Rose: Sit on your balcony; have a drink; relax and watch the beauty of the storms/rain coming across the ocean. If you don't have a balcony, make friends with someone who does, or go to one of the eateries that have gulf front views!

Hutch Segrest: I love all the locals who hate tourist even though that is what keeps half the businesses in town afloat.

Tina Kanaris: I don't hate the tourists, but I do hate the chaos they create — like driving unsafely on 98 and disrespecting our beach. This is our home and habitat for our turtles. It is so disrespectful when you leave you stuff on the beach and put the turtles at risk. And don't ignore the beach flag system and put first responders at risk unnecessarily. It's rude. Otherwise, thanks for visiting!

Lee Price: Tourists in Florida are a big reason there is no state income tax. So they basically pay us in every paycheck for crowding the streets. Can't complain about that.

Wendy Lee Clark: A movie with the family, board games and drinking games for when the kiddos go to sleep!

Candi Jerkins: Purchase some local seafood and have a shrimp boil! Open the door to your balcony and enjoy being away from your own house! Oh and don't forget some cold snacks!

Cindy Hughes Monteith: I have lived here since 1990 and I do not dislike all tourists, only the ones who have no respect for our city or beaches. Those of you who clean up your stuff and treat our home like it is your home thank you and I wish you a Happy Holiday!

Kevin Morlier: Relax, slow down, reflect on life and enjoy your company/family.

Kevin Thornton: Find a Bar and party like it's 1999.

Arby Nospam: Just clicked in to see how many people would say "Go Home" — 6 of them, with 29 likes. So sad.

Garrison Jewett: We braved the shopping in Grayton, Sandestin, Silver Sands yesterday. It’s been beautiful in Pensacola all day so we fished and now it’s baseball.

Marko Davisimo: Some of the Oakland Raiders are visiting Destin, go deep sea fishing with them!

Redds Fueling Station: AS in the singing bartender unique experience

Lisa Egstad: The Naval Air Museum in Pensacola is an awesome place to spend a whole day — largest IMAX theater in Florida!

Lisa Egstad: Hurricane Lanes Bowling Alley on Matthew Boulevard. Also has pool tables and an arcade.

Jasmine Leigh Williams: Google hurricane party

Johnny Bennett: Support the umbrella manufacturing industry and buy a few. Oh, and support local businesses and musicians. There's plenty of entertainment to be had. DO NOT support the insurance industry, though. DRIVE SAFELY!!!!!!!