HarborWalk Village is bringing the authentic New Orleans sound of a big brass band right here to Destin.

Fred Domoulot, Joe Murphy, Tom Latenser, John Scalf, John Yates, Chuck Schwartz and Fly Dents together form the Village Brass Band. Their classic brass sound is composed of a tuba, bass drum, trombone, trumpet, saxophone and clarinet.

“It takes a little time to develop a sound like The Village Brass,” said Domoulot, snare player and co-founder of the band along with HarborWalk Village. “The players were chosen because they have the knowledge and experience to play the styles.”

Brass bands first began out of necessity to entertain and command troops during late 19th century wartime. The upbeat music gained a following both on and off the battlefield.

As it became a popular feature in parades, parties, and large gatherings, the brass bands found their way to New Orleans. There, African American musicians experimented with traditional African rhythms, giving the region a unique sound that can be heard in the city’s famous jazz funeral processions.

The 1970s and 1980s brought forth a renaissance as New Orleans brass band broke away from tradition and added elements of funk, hip hop and pop. By doing so, the musical style has been kept alive and current with today’s generation.

The Village Brass Band will bring the sound of the Big Easy each Tuesday during the Pardi Gras Parade, which rolls out at sunset.