Out of profound respect for all our military living and dead, and retired military and those of us who have served, and continue to serve this nation we so love, and especially those men and women who were killed and injured in the Fort Hood shootings, and their survivors, families, and friends, and for all of us … I for one and as a lone American and speaking for myself, am heartsick, sickened and furious at the Department of Justice for trying a murdering Muslim extremist military officer in an incident labeled as “workplace violence,” and on a U.S. military base he is stationed at in the State of Texas, and continues to draw his military pay.

This whole sordid situation is outrageous to me, and should be to all.

This sham of a “trial” is both a travesty and mockery of justice, but then considering the current administration in Washington, and the Department of Justice under Obama, it's quite self explanatory to me.

You make up your minds. I have made public my thoughts and have no fears in doing so. 

The incompetence and dysfunction In Washington, D.C., is both appalling and dangerous.

We the People, the silent majority of Americans, will have our say — loudly and shortly.

God bless America and may God bless all that hurt so terribly.

John L. Bell