Beyond the bump or set, ball control was the main emphasis on day one of Volleyball Camp at the Destin Community Center Monday.

"Anybody can hit the ball, we're going to learn ball control," said Karen Parrish of the city of Destin's Recreation Department. "Use your legs as much as you use your arms," she told the 26 girls gathered Monday for the four-day camp at the Community Center.

When asked if they had played volleyball before, whether it was in school, backyard or the beach, about half of the girls raised their hands.

Parrish, along with Aaron Bradley, also of the city recreation department, instructed the girls on how to bump and set the ball.

They circled up the girls and had them bump the ball to one another as well as learning to set the ball by using just their fingertips.

"Don't be afraid of the ball. It's not going to hurt you," she said. "Try to use your legs."

From the looks of all the smiles on the girls’ faces, they didn't appear to be afraid at all.

For Anna Moran, 11, it was her first time to try volleyball, and after a few drills she said, "I like hitting it."

As for 9-year-old Isabella Sand she said her sister plays volleyball. "I like all of it so far," Sand said, noting she hopes to play at Destin Middle School one day.

Jasmine Sistrunk, 12, said she never really played before, just in P.E. Nevertheless, Sistrunk said, "Volleyball is fun. I like to hit the ball over the net."

Kasidy Braden, 8, has played some in the backyard with her sister.

"I like bumping it over the net and stuff," she said.

The girls worked through various drills, taking a water break about every 15 minutes, during the two-hour camp.

At the end of the day, Parrish said, "I thought the girls were very excited. They took instruction well and ran with it."

As for what Parrish hopes they take away from the four-day camp?

"Hopefully they will learn the fundamentals and love the game and continue to play," Parrish said.

The camp runs through Thursday and is on the schedule every summer. For more information about other summer camps offered by Destin Community Center and Recreation Department, call 654-5184.



• Dodge Ball Camp: Ages 9-14 learn official rules, techniques and strategies from 1-3 p.m. July 29-Aug. 1. Cost is $15/resident and $20/non-resident.

• Softball Camp: Ages 8-12 learn softball fundamentals from 9-11 a.m. Aug. 12 and 13 at Dalton Threadgill Little League Park. Cost is $20/resident and $25/non-resident.