A woman is accused of leaving a bite mark on her boyfriend’s arm, which led to her arrest for battery. Meanwhile, the boyfriend was arrested for striking the woman in the face.

The fracas took place July 7 at Jetty East, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. A witness reported to a deputy that a woman was attacking a man in the parking lot.

As the deputy arrived on the scene he spotted the two and asked them what had happened. The man said his girlfriend opened his car door and started an argument (the report didn’t say what the argument was about). During the argument, the woman bit him on the arm, he said. The woman said her boyfriend struck her in the face repeatedly, then pushed her to the ground.

A witness ran to the deputy, who was conducting a foot patrol of the premises, and told him what was happening.

The deputy saw a bite mark on the man’s arm. He saw a small cut on the woman’s head and noticed her eye was swelling.

The woman, who is 20 years old and lives in Texas, was charged with battery, as was her boyfriend.
Both their plea dates are July 30.