There are two things Gulf Coast residents hold dear above all else: boating and football. Unfortunately, it’s not often easy to enjoy both at the same time.

The folks at Legendary Marine are working to change that.

Legendary Marine, North American Boating Industry’s 2012 Dealer of the Year, announced Monday via Facebook that it is planning to host a “dive-in” college football game, where people will be able to park their boats and watch the game on a 23-foot projection television above the water.

The boat dealers set the screen up on a barge Aug. 2 in Destin harbor near Boogies Watersports and hosted their first Friday Night Dive-In movie. Reminiscent of cars parked at an old drive-in theater, twelve boats pulled up and anchored to watch “Knight and Day,” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Soon after, social media began to buzz with boaters wanting to know when the next Dive-In would be, Legendary Marine director of marketing Wanda Kenton Smith told The Log. “We had no clue when we did this if anybody would show up. Not only did they show up, but there’s been a great chatter about it,” Smith said. 

Bill McKissick came up with the idea for the Dive-In Movie after the marketing team at Legendary Marine challenged employees to come up with new ideas for ways boaters can have fun on the water.

“It was kind of a cool assignment, because people kind of took ownership of it,” Smith said. “Legendary Marine is all about engaging customers…”

After the success of the movie, McKissick and the marketing team gathered again and spun off an idea to show a college football game on the big screen. The only issue now is deciding what game to show.

The comments on Legendary Marine’s Facebook page are mixed, but games featuring Alabama, Florida State and Florida seem to be the favorites.

“Destin is Nole Country!” David Binder commented.

Tracy Brooks Saucier disagreed. “LSU-Alabama!” she responded.

Anyone interested in watching a game on the water can be a booster for their team at The one major limitation is that it has to be a night game, so the projection on the screen will be visible.

Smith said Legendary Marine is also interested in teaming up with other local businesses to sponsor the event and vendors to provide food and drinks. She said she would also like to see the city get involved and help provide a prime location to watch the game.

“We would love to be able to do it at Crab Island, but there’s no barge big enough there now,” Smith said.