The Hawkins brothers dropped a line and fulfilled their fatherís final wishes while fishing aboard the Full Draw Wednesday with Capt. Justin Destin.

In memory of their father, Johnnie, who died last December, Matt and Ben Hawkins spread some of their dadís ashes in the Gulf of Mexico while fishing aboard one his favorite fishing boats.

"We've been fishing with Justin for the past three years," Matt said.

"It something we did as a family every year," Ben added.

When their father died Dec. 7 of a heart attack, he was cremated.

"He said he would haunt us if we put him in the ground," Matt said.

So when the brothers decided to keep the annual fishing trip to Destin, they thought it would be a good idea to spread some of his ashes in the Gulf.

Capt. Destin said they spread the ashes about six miles out. "It was kind of cool," he said.

Prior to spreading the ashes the brothers had a good day of fishing. They pulled in a nice catch of mingo, white snapper and a triggerfish.

The brothers from Tennessee and Alabama plan to spread the rest of their fatherís ashes at the Grand Canyon.