A 1972 Olympian and creator of the run-walk style of exercise came to visit Seagrove Beach’s Technology, Engineering, Science, Leadership Academy.
The students met Jeff Galloway Sept. 20, when he stopped by the school before the students’ afternoon run. “We have integrated his fitness system into our physical fitness training here at TESLA,” said Randy Hollinger, lead facilitator at TESLA.

Hollinger’s wife, Amy, was training using Galloway’s run-walk program. She contacted Galloway and said they were about to start using his program school-wide. Galloway replied by saying he would have to stop by and meet the kids the next time he was visiting his home in Blue Mountain Beach.

He kept his promise and, while there, added a little pep to the students’ steps. “The students are excited that he is signing their shoes for the upcoming cross country meet,” said Randy.