Destin Pilates Center has expanded its repertoire to include the very popular new Barre classes to its schedule along with many Pilates, Yoga and Aerial classes currently being offered.

The schedule now offers a traditional Barre class with focus on lower extremity movement, strength and toning. The focus of this class is to build on small, localized movements in order to define muscles and proper alignment as well as control. The center also offers a combo Barre with Pilates Equipment (Springboard and Reformer) class. This class uses resistance training to lengthen and strengthen the muscles. Both classes incorporate a focus on abdominal work to strengthen the core or “powerhouse.”

“This style of class is a great addition to our current schedule which hosts various styles of classic and rehab-style Pilates classes, Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga classes," said Destin Pilates studio owner and director Susan Dunnam.  

Destin Pilates is in the City Market shopping center in Destin. For more information on classes and pricing, call 850-460-2828 or visit