With a proposed Gulf-front condo project slated to break ground in 2014, there was plenty of chatter on The Log's Facebook page about the project dubbed 1900 98, a 12-story development along Scenic Hwy. 98 near Signature Beach and The Back Porch restaurant. Here is what some of our readers had to say about the first Gulf-front condo project in six years.


Brandon Fields: Just what Destin needs another condo...

Lee Price: Oh, this should fetch some delightful comments from all of the haters.

Maggie Brady Roth: Haters? Seriously? Just because someone recognizes all our resources are already stretched beyond reasonable limits that makes us haters? Haters of what? Greed? Destruction? Okay, I'm a hater.

Lewis Simmons: Unsustainable development is simply not real development. It is theft from future citizens. It is not hateful to want what we love about our community — the ecosystems, people, lifestyles, vistas and landscapes — to endure for our children. Loving short-term personal gain or briefly profitable additions to tax revenue, over what is best about our communities, is not progress. It's not even sane.

Callan Alyssa Edick: Considering the pictures posted of what's on that property right now, this looks like a beautiful upgrade! Despite the negativity, I think this is an encouraging example of our local economy continuing to rebound — thank goodness!

Mark Anderson: No condos = no tourists

Tyler Jarvis: No tourists = no Destin economy

Scarlet Doherty: To the commenter who said "no tourists = no Destin economy:” No one is saying that tourists aren't welcome. Simply stated, it can be done in a sustainable beautiful fashion. That's all.

Greg Windsor: Give me a break! The way it's quickly going, the locals will not have a beach to go to anymore — yes the locals, the ones that live, shop, dine, go to school, church, and work 365 days a year! That "one more condo" is really going to boost Destin’s economy? It also equals more people, more cars and more traffic, which the city/98 cannot handle anyways!

Delaine Syster: There are public beaches in Destin. This is the first new development on an already occupied parcel of land. It is a sign the economy is improving and with the retail and commercial market on an upswing it also means our property values will increase. If you want the economy to stay suppressed then this probably isn't good news to hear. Since this entire area is dependent on tourism dollars, including the jobs it provides, I can't understand the negativity by some.

Steve Shooter: With the direction that Destin development is going, it will soon be totally paved and gridlocked. But the developers will be richer!