Want to bring some peace and tranquility into your life as well as that of your animal companion? Don’t miss this incredible opportunity available in Destin with world-renowned instructor of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Adele Leas of New Orleans and Destin. I had never heard of this ancient hands-on energy harmonizing art, so stay with me while we explore its possibilities for our lives.

Jin Shin Jyutsu harmonizes the life energy by balancing body, mind and spirit through gentle, hands-on application. This pathway  promotes a balance in the energy systems of the body, promoting health and well-being for yourself as well as for your animal companions.

Starting Sept. 26, Adele is offering a four-day class beginning each morning with a self-help retreat at Henderson Beach and each afternoon sharing hands-on sessions with the dogs, cats and horses at Alaqua Refuge. People are coming in for the class from California, New York, Pennsylvania and Tennessee and, of course, Florida. The price for the class is $600. Active volunteers and employees at Alaqua Refuge attend at half price.

The personal self help work is done in the morning at Henderson Beach in an area surrounded with jumping dolphins, waves caressing the sand and shore birds swooping overhead. It is a perfect setting of a restful, private paradise, not to mention a great place to begin the foundation of a series of simple self-help steps that can be easily learned and applied daily.  The cumulative effect of this is relaxation, reduced stress and our innate healing factor beginning its work.

Adele is a sagacious person.  She is like a still, clear pool of water. The deeper you look, the more interesting things you find.  Just about the time I think I know her, something else about her amazing life bubbles to the surface. She has been practicing and teaching the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for 24 years. She travels all over the world giving sessions and has just returned from a trip to Brazil, Germany, Switzerland and England. The focus, always on dogs and horses, can include pigs, sheep, pigeons and even elephants. Sometimes cats, but I’ll bet they are not so happy about coming quietly into the classroom!

I asked Adele to tell me one of her more memorable experiences.

 She quietly replies as her eyes begin to twinkle, “My most exotic place was Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, working with semi-habituated elephants. I arrived at a rescue compound called ‘A Space for Elephants’ and began my Jin Shin Jyutsu. I stretched my hands up as high as I could on the elephant and I gently began to work down along the sides.”

I ask Adele if this situation was intimidating. Adele closes her eyes and responds, “It was fascinating, a life changing experience.  With my hands on this elephant, I felt its pulse travel through my hands like it was thunder rumbling. This elephant looked at me like he knew what I was sharing with him. He seemed to like it. As I gently put my hands on his chest, he lowered his head, I looked into his eye and we connected.”

For seven years Adele taught at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.  Most of us know it as Dog Town. This is the largest no kill sanctuary in the United States with over 3,000 animals.  Adele says, “I love working with rescued animals; it’s transformative in terms of having the animal become more peaceful, happier and adoptable.”

I ask about her plans for the future.  “I have a dream of having these classes take off here.  We have all the components needed to make it a unique experience offered in Destin, Florida.”

Adele offers one-on-one classes for owner and pet as well as small group settings. To make reservations for her Sept. 26-29 retreat, contact her at (504) 782-8831 or Adelejsjpets@gmail.com.

Laura Hall is a longtime Destin resident.  She explores Destin gardens with her dog Annie and writes about other topics of interest.  If you know of an interesting topic you would like to see explored, contact her at llhall4386@gmail.com