An open letter to the president:

Dear President Obama,

It is my hope, and also hope that itís yours, that you will not go down in history as being responsible for World War III.

You either attack an enemy in full force to win your objective, or stay out of it and do nothing.

It is my belief that a token or measured strike in Syria will only enforce its resolve, and they will retaliate with additional chemical attacks.

Itís similar to a hornetís nest. If you donít destroy it, the bees will reattack 100 fold.

With additional enemy attacks we would retaliate, and then maybe convince the dormant U.N. to assist with 10 or more allies. The enemy would also ask its allies, including Iran, to join, and there you have the beginning of World War III.

I am 94 years old and a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge who served as a rifle platoon leader for the rest of World War II. I also served in Korea and Vietnam in intelligence duties.

I know you must have many advisors who are more educated, more intelligent, and more knowledgeable than I am, but my input is only that of an old infantry soldier who has experienced war.

I feel that America is like a wounded eagle now, and must come to its roost for a while and recuperate, and while doing so take care of some of the problems we have at home, i.e. the economy, immigration, affordable health care, drug trafficking, crime, poverty, etc.

If America is threatened, I will be the first to volunteer to defend my country that I love so much.

For your consideration,


Samuel Lombardo

LTC Ret. (Infantry)