While my respect for the office of the presidency is set in stone, my respect for Obama the officeholder has degenerated from disappointment, to one of contempt and disgust. Martin Luther King had a dream for America, a vision I embrace, while Obama's dream has become a nightmare, and his subversive and divisive, divide-and-conquer vision for America, has become a living hell of dependency, debt and waste, racial divide, distrust and apathetic pride in social welfare programs for millions. 

What a hateful mess we are in, but a mess that we can yet dig ourselves out of by prosecuting those responsible for welfare waste and corruption. 

We the people have awakened to this reality and very soon, and with leadership yet to surface, we will awaken as one nation under God. We will resolve the chaotic mess we are in and move forward with renewed hope and faith, under a premise based upon personal responsibility and self-reliance. We will not be subverted by a government in Washington run amuck by an inept and corrupt scandalous presidency and administration, and a Congress with no House leadership. 

 Speaker Boehner came in crying, and now it is I as an independent, who cries. As an appreciative veteran who has served my country, I appreciate the fact that our military is serving under severe budgetary constraints and under an inept and indecisive  commander in chief in a failed presidency.

With a renewed resolve to protect and defend the Constitution with the Bill of Rights, we will unite and find our way out of our present day morass. 

Let us never forget the lesson we are regretfully living and learn from it.

God bless America.


John L. Bell