Actor/evangelist to bring marriage workshop to Crestview

Mike Seaver, Buck Williams, Capt. Caleb Holt — just a few of the better known roles played by Kirk Cameron, best known as the lovable heartthrob of the series “Growing Pains” (1985-1992).

Cameron, along with musical guest Warren Barfield, will take part in Love Worth Fighting For at 6 p.m. Sept. 21 at Central Baptist Church in Crestview. The event focuses on all areas of personal and spiritual relationships. To purchase tickets, visit Tickets range from $20 to $35 each and are available as reserved seats or general admission for singles, couples and groups of 10 or more.

Known to many as Buck Williams in the post-rapture Left Behind films of the 2000s, based on the best-selling novels of Tim LaHye and Jerry Jenkins, Cameron also played Holt in the movie, “Fireproof,” the highest grossing independent film of 2008.

Today, the father of six is an outspoken believer and evangelical Christian. His passion is to help people live in freedom and grace, fully devoted to faith in Jesus Christ.  He and his bride, Chelsea, are the founders of Camp Firefly, an all expenses paid retreat for seriously ill children and their families.

Love Worth Fighting For, a Feed Your Faith Ministries event, started as a one-time event in Knoxville, Tenn., in July 2009.

“The response was incredible and the emails about strengthened marriages just kept pouring in,” Cameron told The Log. “So we decided to try to put the event together in multiple cities to reach out to the community and share the message that marriages are worth fighting for! We are now in our fourthyear, having shared this event in more than 120 cities all over the country.”

Also attending and performing will be North Carolina-born singer/songwriter Warren Barfield. He is on a mission to make the truly important things important again in his life. Things like faith, love, marriage, children, truth and with his songs, he challenges us all to do the same.

Below is a Log Q&A with Cameron.

Q: When you were a teen you said you were an atheist. How did that change?

A:I originally went to church when I was a teen at the request of a young lady who I was interested in getting to know better. It was right at a time in my life that I was asking some of the tough questions. Why are we here? Is there life after death? That started me down the road to where I am today.

Q: Is it hard being a Christian in Hollywood? Ever pass up roles because of your beliefs?

A: It can be difficult. I have a conviction that I won’t kiss another actress in a movie who is not my wife. (I’m sure most people have the same conviction about kissing other people who are not their spouse while at work). In Hollywood, there seems to be a pass on things like that. I choose to honor my wife in that way while selecting projects.

Q:  Why is one of the most popular actors of the ’80s now giving marriage advice?

A: Marriage is one of the few things I (we) can't afford to lose at. We can lose our jobs, our savings, our friends and we can rebound from that. I don't want to come to the end of life and find that I've lost the love of my wife and the respect of my kids. Those are the important things ... the things worth fighting for.

Q:  You and Chelsea have been married how many years? Are you a marriage expert?

A: We have been married for 22 years. No ... we are not “marriage experts.” We go through the same ups and downs and struggles as everyone else. Our life isn’t a sitcom that everything resolves in 27 1/2 minutes. But the God of the universe, the designer of marriage, left instructions and a blueprint for marriage, and He was kind enough to leave those instructions for us in His Word.

Q: What is the best advice you can give anyone about marriage, and how to make it last? 

A: Like everything in life that we want to excel at, whether it’s work, sports, or relationships, it takes time and effort. The best performers at work, the professional athletes, and the people with strong marriages didn’t just stumble into being “the best.” They worked really hard to get where they are. Take time to be together and learn about your spouse. What are their likes and dislikes? Put in the effort to make your relationship great!

Q: What should people know about Life Worth Fighting For?

A:  Just that LWFF is for EVERYONE. Whether your relationship is fantastic and going strong or just hanging by a thread, there is something for everyone. Warren Barfield is an amazing musician and extremely humorous, while still sharing personal stories from his own marriage that will have you laughing while really hitting home how the little snowflakes can build into an avalanche if we let them build.

We want people to leave with hope. Some of the marriages that walk through the doors are great, and for those the LWFF event is a fun date night with stories, worship and time together. For others, this may be a last ditch effort before calling it quits. For still others, they may be engaged or newly married and they want to build a strong marriage that will last. Our prayer is that not only will we strengthen marriages, but that we are affecting family trees.