Protected by a makeshift berm, a sailboat has been stranded along the beach of the west jetty for a few days, according to its owner.

"I have a plan in place," a man who identified himself only as Mitch told The Log. "I have friends coming with boats to help me get it out."

The boat has been stuck along the jetty since at least last week. Mitch said he had mistaken the west jetty for his desired landing spot along the east jetty near Norriego Point. Since then he has built a berm using sand bags and dug a channel for his boat, which is barricaded by sandbags and pieces of wood, to keep the water out.

Not far from the boat along the beach a makeshift shelter was constructed of a small raft, some wooden stakes and a plastic covering.

Mitch's boat isn't the first to find itself in a similar situation along the Air Force property. In October 2009, a 41-foot sailboat ran ashore while trying to sail into the Destin harbor at night. The boat was ultimately removed.

As of press time Tuesday the boat was not listed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissions' "at risk/abandoned/derelict vessel" map.