On Halloween night, The Log asked its Facebook friends to identify the "scariest thing about Destin. Here are some of their responses.

Krissa White: Traffic!

Allison Justice: The black bear on the loose on Halloween night!

Greg LaGrasso: The locals

Leon Bartley: Lack of adequate infrastructure.

Diana Marshall: My love affair with The Candymaker!

Amy Hartmann: Bloody 98

Shawn Dunne: The snowbirds

Scott Jackson: A left turn on Hwy 98 during the "Touron" infestation in the summer.

Casey Ryan Barber: The tourists and their higher than thou attitude and the traffic they bring

Kathleen Reed: Sometimes, it's the water. We swim in it, eat things that live in it, and people pay big money to come see it, so we all need to be more proactive about cleaning up the bay and Gulf.

Clarissa Jennings: Roundabouts not being used right!

Chris Edwards: Swimming downstream of Crab Island!

Bryson Jorgensen: The tyrannical government

Kurt Rieper: Retirees that don't like cool new stuff!

Mike Vanacore: The low pay

Sarah Herbst Drahn: Corruption

Jerry Wion: Locals that cry about the tourists

Brandon Fields: That its possible we may have a strip club in the heart of Destin!

Terry Dibble: The over-development

Adam Plummer: Possibility it could all be underwater one day.

Keith Ousterhout: all the tattoo parlors...