Women accused of leaving 4 kids alone for hours with no food

Two women were charged with child neglect after they left four young children alone for hours without food or adult supervision, deputies say.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy who investigated the allegations learned the four kids, ages 2, 6, 8, and 9, were knocking on doors at an Airport Road apartment complex asking for food or a telephone to call their mothers. Apparently efforts were made to contact the mother of three of the children, 25-year-old Brittney Iman Gordon of Destin, but weren’t successful.

Gordon later admitted leaving her kids alone for several hours while she went to work. Deputies checked Gordon’s kitchen and found no food for the kids, and later learned they hadn’t eaten since the day before.

The mother of the 9 year old, 28-year-old Cicely Fareia Gordon of Destin, said her brother was supposed to watch the kids. Her brother said that was a lie.

The two were both charged with child neglect and have Dec. 10 plea dates.


Homeless man won’t get out of deputy’s cruiser, goes limp

A 35-year-old homeless man had to be carried away from a Destin restaurant — literally — and carried into the Okaloosa County courthouse annex in a trespassing incident, lawmen say.

An Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was summoned to The Boathouse restaurant to deal with an intoxicated man who had been warned on Oct. 26 to stay off the premises and had been issued a formal trespass warning. Employees said the man continued to trespass on the property.

The man was sitting at a table outside the eatery and was taken into custody. The deputy said the man was drunk and rambled instead of explaining his presence at the restaurant.

As he was being questioned, the man began kicking at the windows of the deputy’s cruiser. He was told to get out of the car but refused and went limp, hooking his legs around the center partition and anchoring his feet against the slopes of the rear floorboard, the deputy reported. He had to be dragged from the car.

Once at the annex, he had to be carried to a holding cell.

He was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. His plea date is Nov. 19.


Lawmen: Man helped himself to other man’s truck, credit cards

A Fort Walton Beach man is accused of using a man’s pickup truck and credit cards for his own purposes, including the purchase of cigarettes that were traded for cocaine.

According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office arrest report, 35-year-old Jackson Nance Towery went to a residence on Captains Circle in Destin to do odd jobs for the owner. A couple of hours later the owner allowed Towery to take his truck and two credit cards to visit Home Depot and Walmart to buy items needed at the house.

When Towery didn’t return by the 3 p.m. deadline he’d been given, the man began calling him. Towery allegedly told him he was “right around the corner each time,” but by 8 p.m. Towery had not returned and the man called the Sheriff’s Office to report his truck and credit cards stolen.

Deputies stopped the truck in Fort Walton Beach. They found the man’s credit cards inside. According to the card issuers, several purchases totaling $187 were made at multiple locations. Towery said he bought cigarettes with one of the cards to trade for a bag of cocaine.

Towery was charged with grand theft auto, larceny of a credit card and illegal use of credit cards.

His plea date is Dec. 10.