Recently Destin had an unexpected guest — a bear cub. The bear was spotted at a Gulf front condominium, jumped a fence there, crossed 98 and then was seen at Big Kahuna's. Destin's city government called Fish and Wildlife for help. They were told that black bears are not on the endangered species list, so let the bear be and let it try to get back to the wilderness. 

If the bear had been on the endangered list, the bear would have been tranquilized and then taken back to the wilderness.

To read about the Black Bear sighting in Destin, CLICK HERE.

Are you telling me that because some arbitrary nationwide number had been reached, a frightened, confused, lost, hungry and depressed from being separated from its mother, bear cub was allowed to wander the streets of Destin and deal with all its traffic and citizens needing little excuse to kill this “ferocious” bear to protect their family?

To me all life is sacred, not just human life — but all life. And one of my greatest joys is giving a helping hand to other species in need of help. An opportunity for community joy was lost. 

The habitat of bears are being reduced and, in search of food, bears are venturing into towns and cities. Is the unstated policy of wildlife management based on allowing blameless creatures to be killed by cars or hunters to keep their numbers reduced to extinction levels to allow further expansion of human beings unfettered by wildlife? 

Sadly, many would contend that the only good bear is a bear in a zoo.  

Luke Fressell