Peter Wright was the only Wright to make the right shot on a recent hunt in Kansas.

On a more than a week-long hunting adventure with his two boys, Pete Jr. and William, in Lebo, Kansas, Peter was the only one to kill a buck.

"We hunted about eight days total and I got that one on the third day," Peter said, showing off a photo of his eight-point buck.

This was the second time he's hunted this particular property in Kansas, which has been in his buddy’s family since 1906. "It's fun just to see the different country and terrain," he said.

The main frame of his deer was eight points with "a little bit of junk," he said, noting there were a few more points starting to show.

Wright killed the 265-pound deer with a Mathews compound bow.

"It's not hard; it just takes a little more patience," Wright said.

He explained that with a rifle you can sometimes get off more then one shot, but with a bow you have one chance.

"I got him on the first shot … boom … about 20 yards out," Wright said, noting he hit him in the shoulder.

"I aim the same with a bow as I do a gun," he said.

This was the only deer the Wrights got on their trip west and the biggest for Peter in awhile.

"I killed a 12-point in Alabama years ago," he said. "But this was the most fun."