While you're out looking for those shopping deals this weekend, don’t forget about the outdoorsman in your life.

"The perfect stocking stuffers are butterfly jigs," said Peter Wright of Ships Chandler in Destin. "You can put four or five of these in it, and it'll be the heaviest stocking around."

 The butterfly jig comes in various colors, "and they catch every kind of fish," Wright said noting they are good for amberjack to tuna. "I bet I sell 1,000 of them … it's a no-brainer. It's crazy how good it is."

With the flounder bite as hot as it is right now, the "Savage Shrimp" at Half Hitch Tackle is flying out the doors.

"They are so popular, I don't have a single one of them in the store today," said Half Hitch owner Tim Broom last week. "But I'll have more tomorrow."

The Savage Shrimp is very life-like and comes in different sizes. Broom says they sell for $5.49 to $6.49.

Not only are they good for flounder, but trout and redfish as well, Broom said.

"Twelve years ago it was the DOA, and then 10 years ago it was GULP. This is the next DOA and GULP," Broom said.

Another hot item for the fisherman is Shimano rods. Wright said these rods are always good for snapper and bottom fishing.

"It's a rod with a lot of backbone," he added.

As for reels, Half Hitch has the Penn 706 and 704 reels in stock.

"Those will be really hot for Christmas," Broom said.

Other items that will be flying off the shelves and make great Christmas presents are the Smith's electric knife sharpeners as well as Guy Harvey iPhone Otterbox cases that show off Harvey's art work.

Foodsavers, Midland Game Cameras and Masterbuilt Smokers are always popular for Christmas, Broom said.

He said they get three categories of shoppers this time of year.

"The Foodsaver is for someone who is buying a gift for next summer … for all your snapper, grouper and amberjack filets," Broom said. "It's a Christmas gift but it will really be used next year."

"The Midland Game Camera is for the hunter … which is going on right now," he said.

And the Masterbuilt Smoker is for year round.

"All your deer hunters, mullet fisherman and king mackerel guys like them," Broom said.

The item that is always hot and a great gift is the Victornox knives.

"If you go down to the docks, every deckhand has that knife," Broom said "I sell more of that one knife than every knife on that wall combined.”

The Victornox 47537 has an 8-inch curved blade and "will clean a 2-pound snapper or an 80-pound amberjack. It's a nice size."

Another hot ticket item that is good year round is the Go-Pro cameras.

"They are always really good sellers," Wright said. The Go-Pro goes for $250 to $400. "We have all the accessories and clamps to put them on your rigs.”